Trenchless Drilling

SP Excel Trenchless specializes in Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) as the primary technology of choice in the installation of new pipes and rehabilitation of existing pipes by trenchless means. This is due to the high level of accuracy and predictability offered by HDD.

Why choose trenchless over conventional open excavation?

• Decrease in social costs as pedestrian and vehicle traffc remain unaffected
• Decrease in cost and/or safety risks from teams working in deep trenches or in unstable ground;
• Increase in productivity due to faster cleaner installation;
• Maintain structural integrity of road surface and layers;
• Can be more cost effective in many cases depending on trench depth and pipe diameter;
• Increased margins for principle contractor;
• Adherence to regulations for “No-Dig” roads.

The SP Excel team has the necessary experience to guide engineers and clients alike as to the correct technology to use for your specific set of ground conditions and on-site limitations. Our in-house drilling equipment can cope with the installation of product pipe up to 630mm diameter and can install drilled lengths up to 100m in length. Ancillary work such as rebuilding and benching of manholes, concrete construction are all proficiencies.